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Plays by Christopher Marlowe

Christopher Marlowe, born in 1564, the same year as Shakespeare, became popular much sooner than his now more famous rival. In his short life, (he was killed in a brawl at the age of 29) he became the preeminent dramaist of his time, shaping the very nature of playwrighting in England. With Tamburlaine(written in 1587), he established blank verse as the rule in drama, and with Edward II, he invented the English history play, a form Shakespeare would exploit for years.

Because of his innovations and popularity, Marlowe is one of the few men rogue scholars have put forth as "The Real Shakespeare." (His death some 20 years before the last play Shakespeare wrote does, however, put a damper on the theory--leading to a complex web of conspiracy theory, and c. It's a mess, really. Marlowe wrote his own plays, as did Shakespeare.) In any case, Marlowe's death put an end to a great theatrical mind. Who knows to what heights these men might have pushed one another had he survived.

These texts were culled from the magnificent archive at Tufts. Many of them have various editions online which can be simultaneously cross-referenced... all of them have at the very least a transcription of an original text.


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