This list is by no means comprehensive. I have culled a number of sites which I think are relevant and/or of interest, but have left the bulk of the linking to other sites (to which I have also linked). This subject (especially the subcategory of Shakespeare) has produced scores upon scores upon scores of sites, and below is only a sampling... if you would like me to link to your site, or know of a great site which I glaringly missed, please let me know, and I will try my best to accommodate. I have commented on a few sites, just to help sort through them, but I suggest you visit them all yourself to make your own decisions. --Matt

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Verse Playwrights on the Web

Kirk Wood Bromley

John Dryden T.S. Eliot Ben Jonson Christopher Marlowe William Shakespeare

  • Internet Shakespeare Editions
    A huge resource, including an online library, performance records, many many links, and more!

  • Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet
    An incredibly comprehensive resource. A little pretentious in its 'scholarly' leanings, but a great list of links, and some fun stuff, too.

  • shakespeare.com
    Powered by someone calling himself Prospero, this recently revamped site looks like it will be pretty great. It has a number of 'magical engines' for generating some cool stuff, as well as a 'Today in Shakespeare History' section.

  • Shakespeare's Monologues
    A site geared toward performers, with a database of monologues seperated by gender, and discussion forum.

  • Shakespeare Resource Center
    A great web resource, full of all sorts of fun factoids and goodies, and a lot of fantastic resources. Look out for Will's will!

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Dramatic Verse Texts on the Web

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New York City Theater Companies with a Verse Emphasis

  • Faux-real Theater Co.
    This company, under the guidance of Mark Greenfield, is the creator of the now annual Halloween tradition of William Shakespeare's Haunted House, a rollicking ride through the scariest bits of the bard. Their bold, energetic, somewhat grotesque style has audiences enthralled.

  • Gorilla Repertory Theater Co.
    Under the artistic helm of Christopher Carter Sanderson, Gorilla Rep. has been a purveyor of free Shakespeare in city parks for a decade. Their audience-friendly productions (including the annual A Midsummer Night's Dream in Washington Square Park) have been critically and popularly acclaimed.

  • Inverse Theater
    Created to foster the work of Artistic Director and playwright Kirk Wood Bromley, who is busy creating his own canon of new verse plays to great critical and popular acclaim.

  • Jean Cocteau Repertory
    A Rep company located in the East Village, presenting a full season of classical plays every year.

  • Judith Shakespeare Company
    Interested in breaking down the gender barrier, this company produces cross-gender and all female productions of Shakespeare.

  • King's County Shakespeare Co.
    This company brings free Shakespeare to Brooklyn.

  • London Shakespeare Workout
    In addition to all sorts of outreach programs, this England-based organization keeps actors in shape by getting together once a week and, well, working out. Not unlike some of the work done in the Cues & All verse workshop, LSW includes many excersies and visits from guest artists. I worked out with them in May during a rare New York appearance.

  • Alex Roe
    Currently Artistic director of the Metropolitan Playhouse, Alex is a fine actor and director of classical drama, including his own adaptations of the Greeks.

  • Tristan Films
    Headquartered in New Jersey, this company just produced MacBeth, the Comedy, which just won the Audience Award at the New York Internatioanl Independent Film and Video Festival. Upcoming projects include an adapatation of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

  • Two Texans
    A relatively new company on the NYC scene, their mission reads, in part: "...2texans is an artistic collaboration dedicated to the production of classical and contemporary works, original scripts, and adaptions of fiction for the stage. 2texans aims to create works of theatre which perpetuate an essential expression of remembrance, understanding and inspiration vital to an active, supportive and growing community -- storytelling."

  • The Local is dedicated to producing theater and film in a way that fosters community-building.

  • Links to other companies and festivals

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Fun Stuff

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