About Matt Daniels:

Matt is an actor, director, producer, teacher, and coach.

He graduated from the Juilliard School Drama Division in 1996, where he studied with, among others, The Shakespeare Theater's Michael Kahn, CSC's Barry Edelstein, Gloria Foster, Tom Hulce, and Vanessa Redgrave. He honed his vocal skills under the eyes of Elizabeth Smith, Ralph Zito, Robert Neff Williams, and Deborah Hecht. He was often asked by his instructors to lead warmups for his class.

His extensive acting resume includes work Off-Broadway, Off-Off-Broadway, in city parks and city schools, regionally, and on film and television. He is the Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Tyrannosaurus rep, for which he produced and directed acclaimed productions of The Winter's Tale and Euripides' Elektra. He is on the Board of Directors for the New York Chapter of the London Shakespeare Workout.

Matt has coached voice and verse for Inverse Theater Co., Metropolitan Playhouse of New York, Kings County Shakespeare Co., Gorilla Repertory Theater Co., 2texans Theater Co., Yale's undergrad drama department, and the award-winning independent film, Macbeth, the Comedy. In addition to dramatic ventures, Matt has coached executives in publishing, television, and on Wall Street, when preparing presentations and speeches.

When numerous colleagues, actors and directors alike, suggested he should apply his skills to teaching, Matt took them to heart and conceived Cues & All. Harnessing the totality of his experience as an actor, director, and vocal coach, Matt created a comprehensive verse training program -- following an actor's process from the first encounter with the text to full-blown performance. Incorporating vocal prowess with a dynamic understanding of verse structure, and a true sense of fun, Matt assembled a unique program with which to approach verse plays.

Utilizing a unique blend of academic, physical, and artistic work, Cues & All is a perfect environment for Shakespeare enthusiasts of all backgrounds. Matt is also always ready to further customize the workshop for whatever you have in store.

Teaching skills usable in any performance situation, Matt has students working Downtown, Off-Broadway, Regionally, and on tour with the Royal Shakespeare Company. Contact us today, and add your name to the ranks of verse surfers who've come out of Cues & All: the Cutting Edge Verse Resource!


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