What People are Saying:

"I have known Matt for several years through the downtown theater scene, and, I can honestly say, he is the most talented verse performer I know. His diction, volume, intonation, phrasing, and interpretational skills are flawless. Every director I know wants to work with Matt because he brings verse alive. To a playwright like myself, a playwright who writes primarily in verse, Matt's skills are also valuable in that he brings his classical training to new language with freshness and intelligence. Not only can he speak the words clearly and meaningfully, he is able to imbue them with infinite personality and color. In short, I can not recommend Matt Daniels highly enough for the task of teaching Shakespeare and verse."

-Kirk Bromley, playwright
Artistic Director, Inverse Theater

"Matt understands that good actors need more than instinct and passion to deal with the intricacies of Shakespeare's poetry. He is a passionate researcher into each text he works with, and his ability not only to ferret out information, but also to express it onstage lies in his training, his inherent skill, and his love of theater. Any actor would do well to brush up their Shakespeare with this articulate, natural born teacher."

-Carrie Grace Murphy
Managing Director, Tyrannosaurus rep

"Matt's capacity to handle the demands of verse is an incalculable asset to any production he is a part of. Think of Matt as a brilliant sculptor, and the genius of Shakespeare's writing as the finest marble. I trust him implicitly to train actors in preparation for performance of Shakespeare."

- Christopher Carter Sanderson
Founding Artistic Director, Gorilla Rep.,
Professor, Yale Undergraduate Theater Studies Dept.

"Having been lucky enough to work with Matt as my director as well as my fellow actor, I can say what makes his work so exciting is his faith to the text, his innate understanding of Shakespearean style, and the fearless way he brings the scope of classic text into full modern focus."

- Michael Colby Jones, actor
Mint Theater, Second Stage

"Specific and clear... The text work is true to the meter while still inventive for character choices. Matt finds uses for the words to create roles in ways I have never seen. He redefines them. As you can see I am a big fan. He rocks!"

- Alexander Yannis Stephano, director
Todo con Nada, Sacred Fools Theater Co.

"Matt is both very inspired and very knowledgeable when it comes to the building blocks of Shakespeare's texts. That comes across clearly and gives him a natural 'credibility' which is priceless: because it gives the workshop a natural atmosphere of trust--in Matt and in the work. It's one of the intangibles that makes a good teacher, and Matt is a very, very good teacher. He has the ability to guide actors on a journey, while letting them actually take the journey themselves. It's a joy. That, combined with the real, practical knowledge of how to approach working on the text, made for an invaluable workshop."

- Eric Dean Scott, actor
Three-legged Dog Prod., Gorilla Rep.

"Matt's ability to breathe life into classic text is extraordinary. He has a tremendous talent for leaping straight to the heart of the material and guiding actors through it with care, zip, and attention to every sparkling detail. Thorough, professional, and gleefully talented as an actor, director, and teacher, he has the solid training and experience to teach this work, and the rare gift of heart that makes actors, directors, students, and audiences realize why this work must be taught."

- Ken Schatz
Artistic Director, Actortec Portable Acting Conservatory

"One of the best things I did for myself as an actress"

- Ali Gentles, actor

"Second to none! Matt is one of those rare artists who combines extensive classical training with raw talent, instincts, and street smarts. His treatment of Shakespeare shakes the dust off the characters and makes them vital, engaging, entertaining contemporaries, while remaining true to the essence of Shakespeare's intent. Matt's edge will provide valuable insight to any student seeking to make the leap from interesting actor to great performer."

- Mark Greenfield
Artistic Director, Faux-Real Theater Co.

"I find working with Matt Daniels on Shakespeare one of the most inspiring experiences a performer can have. His ability to make verse clear and understandable is a gift"

- Sarah K. Lippmann, actor
Carolinian Shakespeare Festival, Gold Coast Shakespeare

"Extraordinary... Matt provides an enormous wealth of insight, practical tools, and knowledge to actors of all levels approaching Shakespeare's texts. He gives simple suggestions for difficult matter, and most importantly, demands that we make decisions about the texts on our own, outside of direction. What we're left with is a glorious feeling of ability. We're no longer intimidated by Shakespeare or anyone who directs his work. I give him enormous credit for my success. Take Matt Daniels' Cues & All verse workshop. It's worth its weight in gold!"

- Nicole Poole, actor
Royal Shakespeare Company, Denver Theater Center


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